This morning DJI released their new DJI Smart Controller during CES 2019. Right after the official announcement at 9 am EST, the first reviews showed up on YouTube. At $649 the new DJI Smart Controller is not cheap by any means but the brighter screen will be very useful for many drone pilots. The price goes down to $400 when bought in combination with the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom or Pro drone.

YouTube reviews of the DJI Smart Controller

Tom’s Tech Time

Tom really likes the new DJI Smart Controller. Two downsides he mentions are not being able to insert a sim card to connect to the Internet directly. And second, it takes a long time to charge the device.

However not having to carry various hoods around that allow you to view your smartphone display in bright sunlight is a huge plus.

The screen of the new DJI Smart Controller is really bright.

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